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California born, Nashville-based artist Craig Jackson released his latest full-length Stars In Her Crown on May 26th. Blending Rock, Country, and Americana, Jackson instantly reminds the listener of Tom Petty or the Eagles, but carries an identity all his own on this set of roots rockers that center around relationships. Beginning with the grateful “Safe Place To Land,” the album contains nine other tracks including the romantic title track, the spirited “Don’t Write Me Off” and the tender “Beyond All Measure.” With welcome use of organ throughout, Jackson takes a sonically darker turn with “Heavy Lies The Crown,” and while “The Hardest Thing” and “Code Blue” deeply move the heart, the up-tempo God Willin’” will have your hands clapping and feet tapping before things come to a close with the extended jam, “We’ve Changed.” To find out more visit

Track Premiere: Craig Jackson Band “Don’t Write Me Off”
MAY 24, 2017
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Hailing from Southern California, Craig Jackson grew up surrounded by the sounds of the Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, and Jackson Browne. Now based in Nashville, Jackson is preparing to release his latest full-length, Stars In Her Crown, on May 26th. Jackson says of the album, “In early September 2016 I recorded the new record pretty much live to tape. We spent a week cutting and a few days for vocals and acoustics at Battletapes Audio in my old neighborhood Inglewood, Tn. It was an awesome time. I had a great band for the record and am so grateful to have had them be a part of bringing this album to life. I am looking forward to the release of the record Stars In Her Crown.“

No Depression is pleased to premiere one of the project’s tracks, “Don’t Write Me Off,” a mid-tempo roots rocker accented by touches of organ and propelled by a guitar-fueled shuffle and Jackson’s familiar, gritty vocals.

“I used to smoke the dope, chase the rope til it got a hold on me
Thought I was flying with the angels to the foundry on my knees
I used to chase the skirt, sling the dirt tryin’ to bury all of these scars
Sometimes it’s easier to run away than find out who we are”

What They’re Saying About Craig Jackson’s Sweeter Songs…
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“A shelf full of records / A fridge full of beer” sings Nashville’s Craig Jackson on the title track of his forthcoming EP Sweeter Songs.  This record takes the listener back to the early days of Southern California rock, ala vintage Jackson Browne and The Eagles  (pre Joe Walsh); sunny, dusty and just the right amount of country twang in the guitars. Craig is a great songwriter and the kind of vocalist you feel like you know.  Ex-Wilco drummer Ken Coomer brings outstanding production and drums/percussion to this six-song collection, which also enlists other ace Nashville players.  Mendo Werks

Sweeter Songs is a six pack of summer tunes, perfect for top down drives or weekend getaways. Craig Jackson grew up in Southern California where even on those chilly days when you have to wear a long sleeve shirt, it is always summer. Craig’s songs take California environments and partner the settings with the equally sunny sound of artists like Jackson Browne, The Grateful Dead and, particularly, Tom Petty. Craig Jackson has honest vocals that easily fit into the narrator’s story line skin. Craig makes a smart move of copping a feeling with East Nashville songwriter Don Gallardo. Their co-write, “Much Too Long”, counts the small successes from each day with a good love. Sweeter Songs never strays too far from music that jangles good news and bounce. The story lines deal with real life, but Craig Jackson smartly surrounds the news we don’t really want to hear with music that, like a spoonful of the proverbial sugar, makes the reality medicine go down…..with Sweeter Songs. The Alternate Root –

‘Sweeter Songs’ Craig Jackson Band (Green) ★★★ ½
“There’s more than a slight nod to Tom Petty in the latest EP from Southern California-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Craig Jackson. With his eponymous band in tow, Jackson delivers the delightful six-track “Sweeter Songs.” Treading the same musical turf as Petty by mixing country-rock, folk and Americana, Jackson serves up some ear-pleasing gems.”Jeffrey Sisk, The Daily News, McKeesport, PA

Craig Jackson Band, ‘Sweeter Songs’
“Craig Jackson and his band have the midtempo heartland rock thing down. The disc opens with the glossy, slightly psychedelic “A Sweeter Song,” which sounds a bit like The Byrds, and it’s hard to go wrong with that. “A Little Love” sounds like Mellencamp in his prime, right down to the distant, wailing guitar solo, while “Much Too Long” unfolds with an acoustic Americana softness, with upright bass and a simple, straight-ahead drumbeat.” –  Jon Sobel, Blogcritics   Jon Sobel is Co-Executive Editor of Blogcritics and lead editor of the Culture section.

Craig Jackson – Sweeter Songs (2013) Green Records – Produced by Ken Coomer AMERICANA
“Craig´s previous musical effort “Damn the Roses” from 2009 was a real fine album and he does not disappoint with his upcoming “Sweeter Songs” EP either. There´s a warm sound that I like a lot and the vocal performance from Craig is great, he can lift the songs with just his voice. The listener gets a nice dose of California pop, Nashville country and Midwest rock here for fans of The Jayhawks and Tom Petty.”  – Kaj Roth,
For more information, please visit or follow Craig on twitter @craigjband

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What They Are Saying About Craig Jackson’s Damn The Roses…

Craig Jackson Band was voted #2 in the Best Local Band category in The Tennessean’s 2011 and 2012 Toast of Music City Reader’s Choice Awards.